Easy-to-use, enterprise-grade secret management

Harness the cost benefits of an open-source secret manager and take user experience to a new level.

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Open-source secret manager UI built on CyberArk Conjur

Manifest is an open-source enterprise secret management platform, designed to provide an unparalleled user experience for CyberArk Conjur services. Manage the secrets of your enterprise applications and services through an intuitive GUI deployable on-premise or in the cloud.

Manifest secret manager GUI (Light Mode)

The Challenges of Using CyberArk Conjur and HashiCorp Vault

While CyberArk Conjur and HashiCorp Vault offer robust secret management, their command-line interfaces (CLI) can be complex and intimidating for users. This complexity can lead to errors and inefficiencies, hindering the productivity of IT operations and security professionals.

Manifest secret manager GUI (Light Mode)

Enterprise Secret Management Simplified

Manifest offers a hassle-free Conjur CLI and HashiCorp Vault alternative. Its easy-to-use GUI lets you manage passwords, API keys, database credentials, technical accounts, and more. Whether your applications run in AWS, Kubernetes, microservices, or legacy environments, Manifest comes to your rescue in managing secrets.

Manifest secret manager GUI (Light Mode)

Key features

  • Built on CyberArk Conjur OSS
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Secret lifecycle management
  • Data encryption and secret rotation
  • Enterprise-ready features and integrations
  • Platform agnostic solution
  • Rapid deployment (on-prem or in thecloud)
  • Open-source development - no license fees
Manifest secret manager GUI (Light Mode)Manifest secret manager GUI (Light Mode)Manifest secret manager GUI (Light Mode)Manifest secret manager GUI (Light Mode)

Why Manifest Secret Manager?

Transition from CLI to intuitive GUI

For operations and security teams suffering from the complexity of Conjur CLI, Manifest provides an easy-to-use GUI that makes secret management a breeze, even for non-technical users.

Built on market-leading technology

Manifest is based on CyberArk’s architecture, the clear market leader in the global Privileged AccessManagement (PAM) space.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) secret management

Manage secrets in machine-to-machine interactions. This is particularly useful in microservice architectures where services need to authenticate and communicate with each other securely.

Data leakage prevention

Thanks to Manifest’s robust security features, business teams can rest assured that secrets are securely stored and managed, significantly reducing the risk of secrets being leaked or compromised.

Versatility and fast deployment

Whether you work on-premise or in the cloud, use K8s or legacy apps, CodeFactory’s secret manager UI has you covered. It also allows for rapid deployment to each supported platform.

Cost-Efficient alternative

As an open-source solution, Manifest comes with no license fee, making it a cost-effective CyberArk Conjur alternative for enterprises using its commercial version.

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